Exhibition Auctions and Private sales.

This exhibition is an initiative of Ukrainian artists and all artists who support Ukraine from across the world, including immigrants and refugees. The inspiration behind this event comes from Volodymyr Bezrodnyi, an artist from Bakhmut/Toretsk, Ukraine.

The exhibition is the result of intensive work by our artists during the war since 2014. As you explore the art pieces, we encourage you to view them through the eyes of those who created art in the challenging circumstances of exile.

Throughout our first exhibition event, and at future ones (To Be Announced soon), we will be organizing auctions as well as sales at the events and from this website. Proceeds are allocated to aid funds for non-profit organisations, in particular our partners at Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership.

We extend an invitation to artists and sculptors from all over Europe to exhibit their works, providing them with the opportunity to participate in the auction sale.

This gathering of paintings and sculptures will serve as a platform for introductions and collaborations among participants from different countries. We are confident that attendees will not only visually appreciate the artwork but also have the chance to personally meet the authors and acquire masterpieces of art.

We hope to see you at our exhibition events, or hear from you (see contact details below)




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